Online Events We're Actually Excited About

Online events We're actually excited about

When Covid-19 first hit I was starving for content - any content.

I flocked to Zoom trivia, played virtual games, and eagerly watched my favorite entertainers attempt to livestream their performances (without the help of their production crew). In those early days, I embraced every tired webinar, every boring online lecture, and every virtual event no matter how lame. I was home alone with a one-year-old and I was desperately clinging to any scrap of adult interaction I could get.

Now it’s 8 months later, and although the novelty of digital events has worn off, the virus hasn’t. So if you’re like me and you’re looking for some truly unique and exciting online events, you've come to the right place.

The Highland Adventure

I found this little gem on No Proscenium: The Guide to Everything Immersive while perusing their reviews on online immersive experiences. The Highland Adventure (which received a rave review from No Pro by the way) is an interactive role-playing game that takes place in the Scottish Highlands. You and 9 of your friends embark on an adventure that progresses based on the decisions you make and the roll of a dice. (Think Zoom Dungeons & Dragons meets Outlander.) Online immersive experiences are always risky, but with a thumbs up from No Proscenium and a price tag coming out to just $10 a head I think it’s worth a try.

The Deets: / Ongoing private appointments / $100 per group of 10 / Book it

Handmade Arcade Virtual Marketplace

Before I tell you about this next event, I should disclose that Handmade Arcade is a Workhorse client and I am currently handling the marketing for the virtual marketplace. With that bias aside, this event is legitimately exciting! I’ve been an avid fan of Handmade’s annual winter conventions for years and this virtual version does everything possible to preserve the fun and excitement of the in-person event. With live demonstrations, craft classes, and Meet the Maker Q & A’s, the marketplace will feature 9 days of free, interactive events. Also, SHOPPING! The marketplace will feature over 130 regional artists with products ranging from colorful cat-themed underwear to repurposed wood decor.

The Deets:

Handmade Arcade / November 28- December 6, 2020 / Free! / Learn more

Womb Werk Yoga

As someone who hates exercise, I am strangely excited about this class, which focuses on “pelvic floor toning, twerking, and gentle yoga movement to invite strength into your body, laughter into your lungs, and healing in your hips.” This is something I might not attempt in public, but would happily explore in the comfort and privacy of my own home. Womb Werk Yoga is one of two ongoing virtual yoga classes run by YOGAMOTIF (the other one is prenatal yoga so if you’re pregnant, check it out!). It's a Pittsburgh-based studio that focuses on prenatal and art-based yoga with a creative flair and an eye towards healing versus “getting fit.”

The Deets:

YOGAMOTIF / November 10, 2020 / $12 / Book it

Brushes & Birds Virtual Art Class

Our family really enjoys visiting the National Aviary (especially my daughter) so I was excited to see they are offering virtual events via Zoom. The Aviary’s Brushes and Birds Class is directed by local Pittsburgh artist Maria DeSimone Prascak, and is suitable for all skill levels according to the event description. December’s edition features the African Penguin, my favorite bird (are they really birds?) at the Aviary. The event description says participants will get a ”behind-the-scenes look into each animal species” and I will be sorely disappointed if this does not take the form of a live zoom call with an actual penguin.

The Deets:

The National Aviary / December 19, 2020 / $25 / Book it

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

In case you're still struggling to get into the idea of Zoom events but are happily bingeing series after series at home, mark your calendar for the December release of this Netflix movie. Ma Rainey's Black Bottom is an August Wilson story (a Pittsburgh-based playwright from the Hill District whose name is on the August Wilson Center for African American Cultural Center downtown). The movie features Viola Davis and the late Chadwick Boseman, and last summer the film transformed Pittsburgh's North Side, where it was filmed, into 1927 Chicago.

The Deets:

Netflix / December 18, 2020 / Free with subscription (free trial available) / View Trailer

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