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"How to Turn Lookers into Buyers in Your Online Store"

Below is a free resource guide for those that attended Workhorse’s Webinar, "How to Turn Lookers into Buyers in Your Online Store" hosted by Creative Business Accelerator.

From: Oribi 

What you’ll find: A complete guide to website sales funnel optimization 

From: Workhorse Collaborative (that's us!)

What you’ll find: Practical tips for your toughest tasks, hookups for arts and nonprofit opportunities, and more in a once-a-month newsletter

From: Tidio

What you’ll find: The top 6 cart abandonment solutions that really work

From: Ebaqdesign

What you’ll find: The basics of effective branding 

From: HubSpot

What you’ll find: Everything you need to know about Google Analytics including set up, tracking, reporting, and more

From: Business News Daily

What you’ll find: Answers to questions like, "what is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance, why is it important, and what are the rules?" 

From: Creative Business Accelerator (lead by Alecia Dawn)

What you’ll find: The fundamentals of creating an E-Commerce store for your small business

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