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Let’s get started.

We offer Á La Carte products, project-based services, and ongoing support. Whether you need a quick helping hand, a second eye, or a long-term partner working alongside you, rest easy: we've got your back.

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Project-Based Support

This is the most common and traditional path for clients. If you’ve got a big, gnarly problem or a longstanding task on the back burner, we can help you make it disappear. If you’ve fundraised for a big vision and need extra boots on the ground to execute it, let’s make it happen. Whether you email us a formal RFP or just tell us what you need over the phone, we would be happy to craft a custom proposal to crush your goal.   

Ongoing Support

Organizational Support

In the new realities of COVID-19, many arts and nonprofit orgs have had to furlough or excuse their hardworking staff - and yet there is still always work to be done. Whether you need extra hands for a month or a year, we can come alongside you to fill in the gaps until you’re able to hire full-time support.  

Unlimited Access

The biggest bang for your buck comes with the ability to pick up the phone whenever, wherever, and have a trusted, experienced partner to help you strategize. With unlimited access to coaching, standing strategy meetings for your toughest tasks, and a confidential sounding board before your big rollouts, we can be your secret weapon in whatever challenges you have to meet. 


Á La Carte Services

Quick and Dirty Audits

Does your email open rate suck? Is your social media stagnant? In a quick and dirty audit, we’ll wrap our arms around your area of inquiry, thoroughly inspect things, and report back to you on practical steps for improvement in email marketing, social media, branding, or staffing deficiencies.  

Sounding Board Services

Are you in love with a new logo or launch idea but want to make sure you’re not overlooking the obvious? Afraid you’ll get caught with your foot in your mouth on a big announcement? Show us what you’ve got. We’ll keep it in strict confidence, offer reflections, and help you launch with strength and peace of mind.   


Do you or someone on your team need to master a new skill? We'll develop a custom plan with one-on-one training on everything from Facebook ads and copywriting, to preparing for a new job opportunity or professional goal. Let’s beef up your skills and inject confidence into your practice.   

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